Sabian 22" HHX BFM World Ride


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SKU: # 36668

Model: # 122XBFM


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Sabian 22" HHX BFM World Ride
SKU: # 36668
Model: # 122XBFM

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Developed in collaboration with Brian Frasier-Moore
and the artisans at SABIAN, the 22” HHX
BFMWORLD Ride is a medium weight ride cymbal
with a large, clear, cutting bell. Its proprietary HHX
Tone Control hammering creates large, deep hammer
marks that result in its stunning visual appearance
and amazing tone.

“The design of my Signature ride is catered to those
that love a crystal-clear bell and a multi-purpose
surface,” said Frasier-Moore. “The surface is washable
as well as articulate, while the jumbo hammer does
something really special to the tone.”

The BFMWORLD Ride incorporates a sound control edge, which
lowers the profile of the cymbal and adds crash-ability, resulting in
a ride with clear presence and attack. This feature allows you to
crash the cymbal and immediately return to playing the bow
without losing a note.

“This part of the design is a nod to Chester Thompson, whose
Signature Liquid Ride has always been a favorite of mine,” Frasier-
Moore said. “With the edges turned up a bit, it gives you control
when you’re laying into the ride. Growing up playing in church I
remember my ride always being multi-purpose. 30 years later,
nothing’s changed!”

A punchier, more abrupt cymbal than lighter rides, the
BFMWORLD Ride features great stick definition, which
sits beautifully atop its warm wash. 

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